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ACM@UCO Historic Renovation
Oklahoma City, OK



University of Central Oklahoma

3,500 SF

Construction Cost

Completion Date

Construction 2010


Additional Information

Nicknamed the “School of Rock”, the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma is a demanding and high-profile client. This design/build project includes the renovation and remodel of a portion of the third floor of the historic Oklahoma Hardware building in the Bricktown District of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Challenges of this project include providing fresh air supply to the space, coordination of HVAC and lighting around existing fire suppression piping and electrical conduit. Fresh air supply and relief were coordinated with the recently renovated space on the fourth floor in route to rooftop units. Specific attention was paid to limiting sound transfer from various musical practice rooms from the fourth floor. The HVAC is designed to accommodate future expansion on the third floor as the school continues to grow.

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