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Spur Design’s approach to architecture is rooted in our respect for creative collaboration with each project’s stakeholders. Our architectural services span industries from healthcare design, commercial and federal architecture, residential, historic preservation, and more. We engage every project with its own unique design dialog in order to fully achieve our client’s vision and goals as they relate to physical, environmental, cultural, and financial drivers.

Interior Design

Spur Design is experienced in creating cohesive design solutions for both existing building renovations and new construction. Our project types are varied and include, but are not limited to: senior living facilities, intensive care unit wards, insurance office buildings, and boutique hotel designs. Our team of interior designers have distinguished expertise in space and equipment planning, lighting plans, and material finish selections. Our designers prioritize the analysis of initial cost as compared to life cycle and the return on investment for our clients and evaluate selections based on quality, durability, and sustainability. This ensures that the client’s space requirements, aesthetic, budget, and deadline are met.

Mechanical Engineering

Spur’s engineers are highly experienced in designing both typical and complex mechanical systems for a variety of project types across multiple industries. We design high-performance mechanical systems that continuously work to balance cost, comfort, and efficiency while meeting all applicable design standards. It is our job to understand the limitations of the project, the wishes of the stakeholders, and the expected result, which allows us to effectively find the perfect solution for clients and spaces.

Electrical Engineering

Spur Design is keenly aware that the successful completion of a project depends on the mindful implementation of its electrical and technological components. With our broad experience in normal & essential power distribution, lighting, telecommunications, electronic safety & security, and many other special conditions, we are ready to provide your project with the tailored electrical and digital backbone it needs to safely flourish in today’s modern world.

Plumbing Design

Spur’s engineers are experts of the industry with years of design and practical in-the-field experience. Plumbing and piping systems are essential to almost all building types and our engineers are fully committed to designing the best, most reliable systems tailored to any of the unique requirements of a project. We have designed complex water, sanitary, medical gas/vacuum, and steam piping systems for many different building types and sizes, including critical healthcare and governmental sites. With health concerns on the rise, we are devoted to providing the safest and most effective systems as they relate to any industry.

Cost Estimating

Our in-house estimating team works hand-in-hand with our designers every step of the way to ensure our clients budgetary constraints are managed and expectations met. The cost of the construction of a project is something we take very seriously. Our estimating team works seamlessly with the design team coordinating scope and material selections to provide the best value for our clients. We not only estimate the construction cost of the project, but also the time impact, as it effects the overall cost.


Construction Administration

Spur Design is a proven leader in Construction Administration. Our staff is uniquely qualified to provide both traditional and comprehensive CA services while catering to our customer's needs and budgets. We have a staff that has experience both in design and construction providing our customers with the assuredness that the projects they care most about are being completed according to the drawings and specifications and in keeping with their vision. We provide owner representation at an unprecedented level of excellence while keeping lines of communication open between all parties involved. Spur Design provides supervision and related services to coordinate projects with owners, design professionals, and contractors to help facilitate their successful and timely completion. Our Construction Administrators oversee a project to ensure proper construction techniques, materials and equipment, and monitor the contractor’s progress and compliance with the Contract Documents.


Additional Services

We connect the dots, and we’re really good at it. Our ability to communicate and collaborate between clients, engineers, architects, designers, contractors, and individual project consultants is where we excel. Our collaborative experiences include relationships and partnerships with abatement specialists, infection control staff, physicists, physical security specialists, historic preservationists, landscape architects, food and beverage, vertical circulation, and even swimming pool consultants, among others. Spur has the proven ability, methodology, and network to take on any project related service needs.

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