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Holly House

Yukon, OK




2,150 SF

Construction Cost

Completion Date


Additional Information

Holly House is a (3) bed (2.5) bath, single-family home located along Holly Avenue in the Out Block ‘E’ Addition of Yukon, Oklahoma. The surrounding neighborhood is a 1930s development with tree lined streets and single-family homes dominated by prewar revivalist and traditional styles.


The project goal was to provide an accessible home while maintaining a building program typical to current market demand for (3) bed (2) bath housing on a restrictive site.


The 60ft x 115ft building site is the resultant area of a lot-split and vacated alley. Due to a municipal easement and a private easement inherited with the site the allowable build-able area was reduced by 30%. To recapture as much usable area as possible, a revocable permit was obtained to allow for accessible parking & vehicle coverage.

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