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Replace Elevator Controls

Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Center

Amarillo, TX



Amarillo VAHCS

2,055 SF

Construction Cost

Completion Date


Additional Information

Spur Design completed the design for the renovation of three existing elevator cars which were originally installed in the 1980’s. The scope of work includes the phased renovation of the three elevators and their associated controls, electrical components, mechanical components and equipment. Additionally, adjacent doors, jambs, and wall faces exposed to the main lobby are being upgraded to meet current VA design guidelines. The new design will provide an updated, cohesive look and feel to the lobbies at each floor. Architectural demolition work is limited in nature, with most of the demolition taking place within shafts and mechanical control room. 
All areas have been designed using the latest VA standards, applicable codes, and regulations including VA design guidelines on Elevator Design (PG 18-10-Elevator Design Manual, March 1, 2018). The goal of this project is to create an environment that fosters ease of use, as well as comfort and safety for the veterans, staff, and visitors. 

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