Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico - Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center                                                                                                                                 Size: 16,500 sq. ft.  |  Construction Cost: $8,500,000 | Design Completed: 2017

Located on the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center campus in Albuquerque, the new Outpatient Dental Clinic has been designed to allow for the best veteran-centered care in the dental setting that ultimately enables the dental team to provide greater productivity and efficiency through the use of additional rooms and dental chairs.

Comprised of two distinct wings, general dentistry and specialization, the dental clinic includes 20 operatories of varying size and 2 oral surgery units along the perimeter of the building that optimize day-lighting and views for patients and staff. Along with a number of staff support spaces, each floor also utilizes a sterilization area including a dental supply, clean holding, and soiled holding room that are centrally located with double-loaded corridors linking these spaces. This project also takes into consideration the future planning of a new Audiology Clinic to be located adjacent to the new dental clinic.