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MRI Suite Addition

& Backup MRI Cooling
Muskogee, OK




Eastern Oklahoma VAHCS

Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center

5,000 SF/250 SF

Construction Cost

Construction Date


Additional Information

This project included the addition of a new two machine MRI suite. The addition was designed to accommodate one 1.5 Tesla machine to be upgraded to a 3 Tesla machine in the future. The second MRI will be a future installation of an open-bore configuration. The site was restricted with a variety of utility relocations and retaining walls. Special consideration was given in regard to functionality and travel path of the machine.


The original scope of this project consisted of placing the MRI suite in the basement of a 5-story hospital tower. After working with VAMC staff, we helped identify their long-term goals and preferences.  This investigation led to the relocation of the suite as an adjacent addition to the 5-story hospital tower.

In 2016, Spur designed the expansion of cooling capacity in the MRI Suite. The scope included site investigations, development of construction drawings and specifications, construction period services, and site visits for the renovation of 250 SF of the existing Magnet Resonance Imaging (MRI) space for expansion of existing MRI equipment room and installation of a backup chilled water 10 ton unitary Leibert HVAC unit and replacement of the existing 5 ton DX Leibert unit from downflow to ducted upflow. A new soundproof wall was extended to separate additional mechanical space needed from the MRI Control Room.  

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