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Expand Clinics

Southern Arizona Health Care System

Tucson, AZ



Southern Arizona VAHCS

17,490 SF

Construction Cost

Completion Date
Professional Services 2015

Construction 2017 (Area A)

Ongoing (Area B)


Additional Information

Our team provided an initial 90,000+ SF Master Plan of the Ambulatory Clinic on the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System Campus; this led to the plan for four (4) expansions totaling 45,000 SF. These addition and renovation projects include primary and specialty clinical services such as Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Hematology/Oncology, Pulmonary, Renal, Rheumatology and a Women’s Clinic. 


Phase I of this project comprised of a 5,120 SF renovation (Area B) to the existing Building 80 and a two-story clinic expansion (Area A). The two-story expansion included an 11,355 SF interior build-out of the second floor and a shell-out space for the first floor that included a 1,015 SF interior build-out to create utility entrances and vertical circulation for second floor access. The complete build-out of this first-floor addition was also designed by Spur Design as Phase II of this project and is currently under construction.


The clinics were designed to incorporate the PACT (Patient-Aligned Care Team) principles. These principles are based upon the patient centered medical home model of care which has been embraced by the VA on a national level. With patient education being the primary focus, it was important to incorporate flexible spaces and conference areas while also striving to maintain patient privacy.

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