Location: Shreveport, Louisiana - Overton Brooks VA Medical Center                                                                                                                                                  Size: 21,500 sq. ft.   |   Construction Cost: $8,500,000 | Design completed: 2016

Situated in a wooded area near existing medical facilities,  Cancer Treatment Center will house a Radiation Oncology department with two Linear Accelerator machines and a CT machine on the first floor as well as a Medical Oncology department on the second floor. Utilizing similar exterior materials, this new treatment center was designed to complement the surrounding VA campus with matching brick, cast stone, and aluminum window systems which work to blend seamlessly with the surrounding campus. The interior balances aesthetics, durability, and timelessness to create a welcoming environment for veterans and their families.

This project presented a number of program, site and budget challenges to the design team. It went through an extensive process of programming, design, and review to ensure that the facility would accommodate everything needed from the medical personnel to provide the best possible service to their veteran patients.  

The result combines medical oncology, radiation oncology, and hematology for a full-service Cancer Treatment Center serving the Shreveport area.